Gambling – A Simple Overview

June 13, 2018 Ulrike Herrmann 0 Comments

Gambling is one of the sports that covers a wide spectrum of people. It considers all races to be capable of playing. This is not the ordinary skip and hop game but the gaming tables and horse racing sport. Gambling has no boundaries so to speck. It has penetrated into the life stream on the human population.

Gambling found its roots since man was created. Man yearned to have his time to himself to have fun or to amuse himself to different types of games. His life centered on his cravings for something that would bring him constant pleasure. His desires mounts to greater heights prompting him to take chances of winning.

There was a time when games were played to simulate their hunting expeditions. Their search for food and prey led them to situations where they had to gamble their weapons and even their lives to achieve their goals. They even thought that messages from their gods would bring in messages to favor them. Such were the conditions that set man to wander and search for the good things in life.

All these activities entailed planning because they knew that over example hunting down a lion would entail strategies and the right choice of trappings. They knew that the lion can sense trouble from great distances. The hunters prepare for such a game of winning a lion alive to appease a tribal dispute or end up in war. They gambled with a high percentage of odds to win.

They had enough confidence and experience to take this victory. Gambling persisted as a gaming sport. When society felt that gambling led to harboring criminal elements, the educated and the elite took a stand to legalized the sport. It was met with enthusiasm and so gambling increased in patronage. Where people would normally go to bet in unlicensed portals found safety in their bets being recorded properly. There were no more shady deals to deal with.

Casinos were established to put a sense of order and balance in the games people hungered for to give way to their idle hours. What started as an illegal activity gave way to the promulgation of ordinances and the establishment of a betting system called the pari-mutuel. Everyone and the local state were accorded percentages to make things manageable.

Gambling will continue to flourish as long as there are bettors who are destined to win or lose. This is a normal happening and should give way to man’s desire to deal with inner needs to make him a happier person to get along with. Gambling played with good intentions will motivate everyone to seek a happy medium .His social life expands in dimension leading to a healthy esteem of oneself.

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