Have fun with gambling words!

August 28, 2018 Ulrike Herrmann 0 Comments

As years pass by, gambling has started to evolve as a way of life, adapting new words and phrases for each and every form of gambling. Along with this, players have coped up with the growing vocabulary of gambling. If you are just starting out your fascination in gambling, you do not need to worry. As any other gambling enthusiasts, the key to knowing more about the gambling vocabulary is to use them often.

The following are just some of the terms and slangs that have been used in the gambling world. So, do not let yourself be left behind.

ATS- ATS means against the spread.

Action – Action refers to any move by the player.

Buck- A buck means 100 dollars.

Chalk – This term means favorite. A favorite is the one who can more likely be the winner of the game.

Dime – A dime is one thousand dollars.

Dime Line- A dime line is a slang word which refers to the money line for the 10 centavo-value.

Dog – It is also known as an underdog.

Edge – Edge refers to one’s advantage and chance of winning a game against his opponents.

Exposure – Exposure is used to refer to the money that you can most likely use.

Get down – This is an idiom used in gambling to refer to your move of placing a bet.

Juice – A juice is the commission or tip which a bookmaker can get. The other terms for this are “vigorish” and “vigor.”

Lock – A lock is someone who was able to win without exerting too much effort to do so.

Nickel – A nickel is 500 dollars.

Off the board- This is a term used to refer to a game which no longer accepts bets.

Past post – A past post is when you placed a bet even when the game has already started.

Rain out – Rain out refers to the contest which has been called off because of the weather.

Score – You can make a score if you win a huge amount of money. Scratch – A scratch is made when the game is withdrawn or called off.

Sudden Death – This happens when the game is in an overtime period and the team or player who gets to score first wins.

Underdog – An underdog is a player of the game who has the least chances of winning due to his lack of skill or talent.

Wise guy – A wise guy is someone who is a well-known professional sports bettor.

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