How to Use Match Play Coupons

July 23, 2018 Ulrike Herrmann 0 Comments


Match play coupons are one of the nice promotions a casino offers even to new guests. These coupons could be used at the table games. They lower the house edge and give you a chance for an excellent payout.

When visiting a casino, always inquire about how to get match play coupons. Oftentimes, these coupons come with other promotions such as a coupon for a free drink or meal. If upon arriving you have not received one, it is fairly easy to get. Just look for a casino host and ask for one. If these coupons are available, they will gladly give it for free.

Match play coupons are used at the casino table games to increase the stakes. These coupons tweak how the payout will be. For example, some coupons will pay 2 to 1, some 3 for 2. They are often limited to even money bets such as the passline in craps, red or black bets in roulette, and blackjack.

Indicated in the coupons are the required bet and how much the payout will be. To use these coupons, one must place it alongside your bet. If you win, you get the indicated payout.

For example, if the coupon indicates a required $25 bet with a 2 to 1 payout, you put it beside your $25 bet on the layout. If you win, you get $25. It’s that simple.

The required bets of the coupons have a range from $5 to $25. The payouts increase as the size of the bet increases. Most of the time, however, players ignore these match play coupons, mostly because of the cost of the bet the coupons require.

But think about it, you would oftentimes gamble the same amount of cash in a casino game, but only in partitions. Thus, you spend the same amount but do not get the same opportunity for a large payout. By using the match play coupons, you maximize the win capacity of your bet.

Another good thing about match point coupons is that they reduce the house edge to a miniscule percentage. The true odds for even money bets should be 50%-50%, but with the house edge, it seems to be more of 52%-48%. By using the match point coupons, you get true odds, or sometimes even gain an advantage over the house.

Even if you are a slot player, you can use these coupons. Simply walk to a table and play a single game using the coupon. If you are not familiar with strategic games like blackjack, then push your luck at the red or black bet at roulette.

The next time you visit a casino, make it a point to ask for match play coupons, and use them. By using match play coupons, you have not only increased your payout, you also created a space for more excitement.

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