Is Online Bingo Really Just Gambling

January 22, 2019 Ulrike Herrmann 0 Comments


Gambling is the participation of players in an event where money is wagered with the intent of winning more of it. The outcome of this event is uncertain and is known in short period.

Now that is exactly what happens in Online Bingo, isn’t it? But then bingo should be just gambling. But gambling is not normally an activity which people or all ages can enjoy together in a social gathering. Nor is gambling usually permitted in schools and churches. And so we can say that bingo is a form of gambling and not wholly and only gambling. Let’s have a closer look at bingo to understand what it really is.

Bingo was born in Italy in the 16th century in a form similar to lottery. It soon became popular and spread to other parts or Europe and came into America in the 19th century. At this time, it used to be played in evening parties, schools, churches and at all kinds of other social events where people wanted to have some fun. Bingo, in this technological age has grown out of its traditional format and gained popularity in its online form.

The online form of Bingo is same as its traditional sibling as far as the basic concept is concerned. However, the outer details have been changed to make up various forms of the game by websites who are looking to make their games better to win over their competition.

Also, as this game is played on and controlled by the computer, some of the human tasks are also done by it. For instance, in tradition Bingo, a person had to take up the role of caller who calls out the selected numbers. But in online bingo, the numbers are selected and displayed by the Random Number Generator, which selects numbers with the help of complex algorithms.

Gambling normally involves losing money due to lack of knowledge of the game and its rules. However Bingo, especially online Bingo can be played for a meager amount or even for free until the new player develops understanding of the game. This is more like practice. In the traditional Bingo the only bit of skill and alertness that a player had to show was the hearing of numbers being called out by the caller and daubing them on his card. However, with the coming of online Bingo, even this is not to be done by the player as it is automatically done by the computer. The winning player doesn’t even have to shout BINGO, as the computer does this for him too!

As with traditional Bingo, online bingo also features socialization options in the form of chat rooms. A player can play with people available in one of these chat rooms and make friends with them

Overall, Bingo is a form of gambling and this cannot be denied. But the extent to which it is purely a gambling game is very small. It is more a of a social game which is meant just for fun and does not cause much financial harm in case people loose in it.

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