Start of Social Features in a Casino Online

April 7, 2019 Ulrike Herrmann 0 Comments

Online casinos have come a long way in recent years, ever since they first burst onto the scene. Nowadays there are so many of them out there that the competition really is heating up – and some have started to tap into a previously almost ignored area: Social features.

It is a well-known fact that the internet nowadays is a very social place. Social networks such as Facebook are doing well, and other social-oriented websites such as Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram and so on are on the rise too! Coupling social features with an online casino isn’t exactly a revolutionary idea, and it is something that Zynga introduced in their Poker app for Facebook a long time back and to great success!

Apparently there are many a casino online that have paid heed to that example and are now looking at doing the same. Granted some of the more basic social features such as having a chat client are fairly common, but other social features such as gifting, setting up profiles and showing off how good a player a person is are slowly starting to come into play too.

Some casinos even have a certain amount of dealer interaction, so that players feel as if they’re playing with a live dealer rather than with an artificial intelligence code!

In the years to come there will undoubtedly be a lot of trial and error. Right now it is impossible to predict exactly which social features will succeed and become a mainstay of any casino online – but it is still early days yet and so that is hardly surprising. One thing is certain though: Social-oriented online casinos are probably going to be the next big step forward for the industry, and no casino is going to want to be left behind.

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